Looking for a way to integrate E-Flux (EV charging station platform) and or Ratio EV charging stations

Hey gentlepeople,

I’m seeking a method to integrate my 3-phase EV charger (Ratio io6) and/or the E-Flux platform into HA. E-Flux essentially relays the data from the Ratio charger back to my company.

I’m not aware of any existing projects for this, or even if it’s feasible.

The Ratio charger comes with an app that requires account registration, which could be a potential solution.

The purpose is to monitor my charging amounts, as a significant portion is allocated to my company car, for which I receive compensation. I aim to establish my own system to cross-reference with the data E-Flux provides to my company, for verification.

It may not be possible, and perhaps I should consider a 3-phase energy meter. However, most are equipped with split core current transformers that must be placed around a phase, and I’m skeptical about their precision.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


You could look at