Looking for a Weather Station (Europe) with local integration

I spent some time looking for a weather station for selling (in Europe) that has local integration with Home Assistant and I failed miserably.

It is hard to believe that in 2020 there is no weather station available with local integration.
The closer I could get to an easy integration was Netatmo, but I really don’t want one more cloud.

I thought about buying a RF based one (433Mhz or 868Mhz) but the option for integration - RFLink - is very *kludge . The RFLink is not updated for 3 years - and probably no longer maintained.

No, I don’t want to build one (although I could), I want to buy somewhere, install and use.

That being said, does anybody know a good weather station with local integration option?



*According to wikipedia, kludge is a workaround or quick-and-dirty solution that is clumsy, inelegant, inefficient, difficult to extend and hard to maintain.

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Any luck?
I agree here a year later, does not appear any better.
It looks like the best option is get the sensors and connect to an ESP, arduino, or Raspberry Pi. Which is fine, but I was hoping for an off the self weather station that has a local api. I am ok with it transferring data to a provider, but I want to access my data locally without pulling it back from the cloud. I wish PurpleAir made a weather station, because their air monitors are exactly what I like (local REST API and data is uploaded to their servers).

I want local access due to frequent internet outages.

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better late than never…
i own and am happy with these: https://weatherflow.com/tempest-weather-system/
you can set it up using your phone and can push data to their cloud and also to weatherundeground
the system pushed data over UDP as well and you can ingest it in HA using: https://github.com/briis/smartweatherudp

But do you get everything via UDP. I have not seen that people have been able to get type of precipitation even thou it is in the listed UDP API.

It is looking like I will go this route of the Tempest, but still looking.

you can get no precipitation, rain or hail. rain and it’s associated events i do get. honestly i never listened for hail so i can’t say if it works. i use the station also for controlling the lawn irrigation system so rain was important to me. Except for that i can say that everything else works as expected and is quite stable. i am waiting for the long promised mqtt upgrade in the hub as that might make things easier and we might as well ditch the current integration.