Looking for Keyfob that can bind to multiple hubs


I’m looking for a solution where I can use a single keyfob to unlock doors at multiple locations. The main purpose for this is to allow me to use the keyfob at home, but also at my brothers house and vice versa. And since my mom should get a key as well it has to be easy to use. Hence a simple keyfob.

As far as I can tell Z-Wave solutions (I kind of like the Fibaro Keyfob) only allow binding a device to a single gateway/hub. With Zigbee it seems to be the same.
Bluetooth should be capable of that, but I doubt BT based solutions connect quickly enough when in a hurry.

Maybe there’s already a great solution around I haven’t yet heard of. If so, please let me know. :angel:

Which RFID readers you’ll use?
Basically keyfob is id which should be registered on two readers(controllers) and added to ACL.

What I mean by keyfob is something like this: Fibaro Keyfob
A handheld, wireless device with buttons. So without the need to place some terminal outside.

how would you register device at location 1 and location 2?
Are these 2 seperate HA instances?

A wifi or bluetooth device could work since they usually can connect to many.
zwave not possible.

Currently that doesn’t even matter. If there’s no component for HA I’d make my own. Just looking for hardware options, even those not currently implemented in HA.

Yes, that’s why I had Bluetooth in mind as well. But Bluetooth and Wifi tend to take a while to establish their connection. And and a Wifi-Keyfob would probably not last very long in term of battery consumption. So Until now some Bluetooth solution still seems like the easiest route.

In general it could also just be a generic 433MHz remote. But since this should be used to unlock doors I’m a bit paranoid and don’t really trust simple 433-devices. So a protocol where the device is bound to a hub (or multiple hubs in my case) seems to be better suited for security.

Do you mind to use RFID readers? You can go with something similar as magic cards project. User will have use passive RFID tag registered on both readers.

Generally not. But the problem is, that there are at least 3 functions that need to be conrolled:

  1. Lock the door
  2. Unlock the door
  3. Open the door (make it snap out, don’t know how to say that in english)

2 functions would be ok I guess since the door will probably always be opened, which includes unlocking). But still an RFID/NFC solution could probably only trigger one action, or 2 separate tags would needed to be carried along, and depending on the situation the correct one would be held against the reader. Hence I would rather like a device with labelled buttons. Something like this:


I actually already have some of those. But the problem is, that they can only be paired with a single hub. So I would have to carry 2 of those to access another location.

Unfortunately without compromise on security it’s not achievable. This keyfobs use secure key exchange protocol and only one key can be stored in keyfob. Only keyfobs with static “rf” values can be registered on multiple receivers.

So the product I desire seems to be a yet to be filled market niche I guess. :thinking:

Use 2 fob in custom case
Sure it’s possible to get someone make case

Size does matter. That’s the point of using just one keyfob. :wink: