Looking for motion detector meeting my needs (first project)

Hi there,

i am looking for the right hardware to automate my front door and driveway lights. I have

  • one 230V cable sticking out of the wall beside my front door (without switch) for a wall mountable lamp
  • one 230V connected underground cable running along my driveway (also no switch) for 3-4 lamps

I’d like to mount a wall lamp with (possibly separate) motion detector beside the door and be able to use that motion detector signal via home assistant to trigger the driveway lights as well (the two cables are nowehere near to each other).

My questions:

(1) Can anyone recommend a good motion detector that is

  • able to directly switch 230V for a wall lamp mounted above it
  • easily integrated as a sensor into home assistant via wifi without the need for additional hubs, contollers or such things
  • outdoor water proofed (rain)
  • available in germany
  • preferrably RAL7016 (anthracite)
  • not as ugly as the shelly one

(2) For the driveway switching i thought about using a shelly in a small IP68 box. Is that a good option or are there cheaper/easier or in other ways superior ways to do this? (i’d not like wifi-lamps)

Any hints appreciated. Note that this is my first ever automation “project” with HA…

No matching devices or ideas?