Looking for Photo Sharing / Digital Photo Frame Software

Hi All, I’m not sure this is wholly in the right place but I’ll go with it!

At the moment I have a Digital Photoframe made out of an android tablet that basically just loads a webpage that displays a picture. through a kiosk browser. I then use Home Assistant to send an MQTT Message every so many minutes to refresh the page so a different image is displayed. I can also use the Same MQTT messages to turn the screen on and off so it works really well.

The trouble I’m having is that I have to use a bit of windows software to serve the images to the webpage (it basically creates itsself as a web server) so I have to have a second machine on all the time.

I was wondering if anyone has the ability to get this feature into Home Assistant or if there is some sort of integration that can be used. I guess a cloud solution would also work potentially.

If anyone has any ideas I would be very interested to hear them!