Looping bootup - can't get access long enough to restore a snapshot

I’m trying to restore a snapshot back to how it was yesterday because it boots then seems to start over and over and never completes. This stops it being ‘up’ long enough for me to restore a snapshot.

Any tips?

Depends on how you have it installed.

Assuming it’s an image on a RPi then I would write a new clean image onto the SD card. Then once it’s booted up restore the snapshot.

It’s on Unraid as a VM. I made another and got it restored. So far, so good.

I forgot that this is a fact of life with HA when you’re adding integrations and customizing, I’m glad I chose to put all rules on Node-RED and just use HA for UI, it gives me diversity.

Constant rebooting is usually an indication of marginal power.