Loosing Hue connectivity @ restart (due to Xiaomi Air Purifier component)

Hi there,

since yesterday i have the weird issue that after a Hassio restart it looses connectivity to HUE.
If i delete the integration and simply set it up again, it works flawlessly… however only until restart.

I have the feeling this might have to do with the VLAN i setup… However, my HASSIO System is in the same subnet as my hue bridge. The issue is consistent also when i skip discovery and do manual setup.
Is there a possibility to add a retry count in the config? I didn’t find anything in the config examples.

Ok, turns out the fix for this is easy… i have to delete (uncomment) my Xiaomi Air Purifier component.

# fan:
  # - platform: xiaomi_miio
    # host:
    # token: !secret xiaomi_fan_token

I guess this is because my Air Purifier is not detected due to being in a different VLAN (Unifi IGMP Proxy not yet configured). And this somehow stops the Hue from being detected because it constantly retries to connect to the IP.

Any Ideas why this might happen?