Lorex HA Integration

Hi there,
I am thinking in getting the Lorex Cameras, this model:

The following are the features that I like about this option: WIFI, Battery-powered, Solar Panel Option is available, local human and car detection, HD, and above all it is rated for low temperatures. I live in Canada and temperature can go wild up to -45 C.

The thing is that the cameras do not support RTSP and can not be connected to any other 3rd party software, as per my chat with the technical support team. Any one has an idea to how to integrate it with HA, or any other HA-Compatible addons like: MotionEye.

The NVR supports RTSP protocol. Any one tried to integrate the NVR to the HA? I really like what Lorex provides and I think it is a good option. If I can integrate it also with the HA instance, that would be perfect. If not, what other camera brands are available that meets my requirements?

Thank you in advance

I’d like to know if any work is done here as well. Specifically, at least, being able to display the nvr onto the tv. I currently use a harmony yo switch the tv hdmi source to the nvr, but I’d like to pass simple vairables, like which view, etc, when HA switches the tv to the view. That’d be alot tho.