Loss of connection between HA Blue and PC after changing the IP address of HA

Greetings more experienced fighters. I turn to you with a request for help. I bought HA Odroid Blue and slowly started looking for information and installing addons and everything I needed. I accessed via the web interface IP and then according to the article on the net (Isolate Your Smart Home Devices with UniFi | Smart Home Hobby) I wanted to isolate HA from other my network, I brought the subnet and then wrote the address into the settings in the HA system. In the list of routers (Unifi controller) I see that HA logs in to the network under this address. However, if I enter this new IP address in the address bar of the browser, it will not let me into HA, even if I have to enter the login details to set up the site. Neither login from the mobile application nor samba from PC to HA works anymore
Probably my ignorance of netting and I’m doing something wrong. The commissioning of Samba also did not work for the first time, according to an article via cmd.
Does anyone know how to put this into operation? Thanks.

As far as I diagonally read the article, that’s exactly the expected result, isn’t it?
Your browser is likely on one network, and HA on another, and they explicitly cannot communicate.

If it’s not the expected result, there was likely a mishaps when doing the “Separate the Networks” part.

Thank you very much. It was my network error. I had to add IP to the wifi properties in the PC, then I saw the HA. I have already returned everything to its original values ​​and I am back.