Lost internet access for some services (outgoing)

I seem to have the same problem as described in this topic, but there is no solution and therefore I will create a new topic.

I’m currently running HASS 5.9 with Supervisor 2020.12.7.
My instance is reachable via NGINX and Dynamic DNS (including SSL) from outside my home and via NGINX and the local IP (without SSL) from inside my home.

In the last days I lost outgoing internet access for some services:

Other outgoing services work well:

  • Using “ping” in Web SSH works fine

All incoming traffic works fine:

  • Google Home knows the temperature of my thermostats
  • I can reach my instance via the Dynamic DNS Domain

My logs provide no other errors accept for the not possible connections for the services listed above and I have not changed anything significant in my setup.

Does anyone have any idea where I can look at to fix this situation?

Thanks and best regards :slight_smile:

As I couldn’t find a solution to my problem I thought an easy solution might be to completely reinstall HASS from scratch.

Yeah… no.

I downloaded the latest version, flashed it to my SD and started up my Raspberry Pi. But now it doesn’t boot any further than the “Preparing Home Assistant” screen. “This can take up to 20 minutes” isn’t the case this time around. I let it work all night long and it is still sitting on the exact same screen when opening myip:8123.

I already reflashed HASS one more time and it had no effect.
I also flashed Raspberry Pi OS on my Raspberry Pi and this works well. I have full internet access.

Anyone any idea how I can install HASS one more time?

Best regards

TL;DR: I needed to provide a new static IP address in my router.

I found a solution which is working for my case.
Even though I don’t understand, why it is this way, I want to share this information in case other people face similar issues:

My Raspberry Pi had a static IP address *.10 in my network which was given to the Pi by my router.
I deleted all the config in my router and assigned the same *.10 address one more time. Nothing changed.

I tried testing with a dynamic IP address and suddenly everything worked. So I made a new static address *.20 to try if it as a general problem with static IP. But now i also works with the static IP *.20 given by my router.

I don’t know why, but the IP *.10 seems to be “damaged” for homeassistant in my setup, although I cleared every data about this address in my router. I even tried one more time with address *.10 after .*20 worked and my problems occurred again.