Lost my Hue zones in HA

Running Home Assistant on an intel Nuc, should be on latest version (2021.3.2). I haven’t used it much since December and just noticed I lost all zones I configured in the Hue hub via the official Hue app.

I used the zones feature to bundle lights (have one lamp with three spots in it so setting the three spots as one “zone” allows me to change settings for the entire lamp at once). Same in my hallways.

I checked entities and the associated entities for these zones no longer seem to exist. Checked the Hue app and the zones are still there and they still work. I know HA and Hue have received updates, is this known and should I just wait for a fix or is this broken/no longer possible?

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Your fault, you did not read the breaking changes section from the release notes.

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Thanks, found them and working again.

just bringing this back … found the groups, but what about the zones? Does anyone have zones working?

In my home office I have 6 bulbs in 3 lights (1)Desk, (2) floor lamp, (3) overhead and I would love to reduce the number of exposed switches and just choose to see and control the lights as one thing. I’ve got hue scenes as well and don’t see those either but would really like to simplify the display and control. I have other lights in other rooms I’d apply this same thought too …

If I make a new group I know I can move the bulbs around in the hue app but that would cause 3 switches for turning lights off in this room for example if each light were a room vs just making the two with multiple bulbs a zone.

woke up this am and the zones were all there … all good now!

I wonder - I have never seen hue groups, nor zones nor scenes. What is the right procedure to import them from the hue bridge?

I think since the latest HA release they should appear as disabled entitities. Simply go to entities to enable them.

Previously there was an option/config to enable them.