Lost network connection after last update


I am running Home Assistant in Debían 11 in a small Lenovo machine which runs Unifi controller too.

Yesterday night I made a Supervisor update and went bed without problems apparently.

I woke up this morning without Internet connection and after checking a lot of things I discovered that the Ethernet connection in the Lenovo is getting Up from the router but it can’t connect with the rest of network equipment nor internet.

I have tried different things with the network controller (down, up, fixed IP…) but nothing seems to solve nothing…It is like somehow the main network interface is isolated from the network.

Does anyone guess how can I solve this?

Debian 12 on HA Supervised on an RPI… Maybe it is a coincidence but I had the same issue (and had been updating a bunch of firmware for my shelly relays as well - ) everything went south and was broken. One of the shelly relays just completely died. I was going to replace it but managed to do a full factory resent and reconfigure it to get it running and then on to HA, at the same time to get that to work my internet went south, I had to restart my router, switches, controller, ONT, and then the RPI which had numerous integrations failing to load, then reloaded them all individually by hand and everything finally back to normal. Either the update had a gnarly thing in there or I’m thinkin that shelly relay that went south was maybe causing an internal network storm… Did you get your issue resolved finally?

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It was definitely something with the latest Supervisor update. My HAOS VM had the exact same issues with integrations not loading when I applied it yesterday evening, and I had to reload each one manually…and painfully slow even then.

I suspect that the problem was an issue with GITHUB, but have no evidence…

Yes everything was running very slowly on my end as well, I actually had to gracefully reboot my RPI several times, one of the times I rebooted it HA told me I had some kind of a security error making HA unhealthy which I was going to rectify after getting my network straightened out, but after one of the reboots that went away as well. Reloading some of the integrations went very slowly as well with some of them having to be reloaded several times to get them to load properly. It must have been a dramatic material change but all is well now - actually it is runing more efficiently (instant dashboard updates with very little latency while using very little CPU) now - that it has in a while (I have been doing alot of recoding as well to improve performance and streamline things) -

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