Lovelace Card for Curent power

Hello together,

I have successfully integrated a power socket (avm 546e).
The dashboard also shows me the current power after a double click on the Card.
But I can’t create a card that shows the current power as a graph.
Can you give me a hint?

Thanks and greetings

Hey Mirko,

can you be a bit more specific about your issue? You can use a sensor card in Lovelace which can display a nice line in the background if you wanted to.
This graph doesn’t have an accurate scale though. If you want that, use a history graph card.

The Problem what I mean is, that within the sensor card will not show the graph for the power consumption but “normal” as a simple number it will be shown.

Hey Mirko,
I didn’t find a way to integratge my AVM 546E into Home Assistant yet. Coud you (or anyone else) give me a hint how to do that (or where to find information about it)?
Cheers, Peter.
Update: I thought it was very complex, because I didn’t find documentation about it. But in fact it’s very easy: Meanwhile it’s integrated in the Fritz SmartHome integration and in the Fritz ToolBox integration. :slightly_smiling_face: