Lovelace card killer

Since 0.81.0 every one of my statements in my ui-lovelace.yaml of “type: vertical-stack”, gets a line added automatically like this:
- id: 554b3997c1324caca4757d14815531c5 # Automatically created id

and it kills the card with a big red error message saying “Cannot read property states of undefined (and then lists the entire code contents of the card)”.

If I comment out the added line, a new one of a different id is automatically inserted.

Any ideas?

Make an issue on github.

and this is done how?

The addition of the id should not make any difference. If it is not working, it is something else.

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The ID’s are for future use and don’t cause the card error. The card error is a bug in 0.81.0 that is supposedly fixed in 0.81.1 but some reports say it’s not.

The issue is with vertical and horizontal stacks.

Having same issue. Not sure if it’s related to the id though. I have some vertical stacks that work fine.

I’m still having the issue in 0.81.1 as well.

To me, it appears that this is coming from either the sensor card or horizontal-stack (being inside a vertical-stack). Haven’t bothered finding which one just yet.

Plugging away at each card I am finding the issue is confined to media and weather cards contained in vertical and horizontal stacks.

It might just be that some nested card types don’t work. Because All 4 that are returning errors for me contain a horizontal stack that contains sensor cards.

I have a conditional card with a media-control card showing the same symptoms/error in 0.81.1

  - id: mediaplayer
    type: conditional
      - entity: media_player.seancast
        state: "playing"
      type: media-control
      entity: media_player.seancast

or can someone spot a mistake?

Media-control without conditional works perfect, Conditional card with entities-card instead of media-control works as well.

looks good, could just be this issue

So do I which makes it more confusing. Some work and some don’t.
I finally got a notification for 0.81.1 this morning and installed it but the i panel says 0.81.0dev0 again now. Sigh. Guess it was and still is incorrectly tagged. But it’s still giving me redscreens too.

I think it’s the sensor card.
I have a vertical stack with 2 horizontal stacks nested inside it and that card works no problem.

Just spoke with a few people. The vertical stack / horizontal stack issues will go away with 0.81.2 as the fix has been delivered to that stream. The conditional card issue will persist until probably 0.81.3, there is a PR for it but it hasn’t been delivered.

What is the conditional card issue? I’ve seen a few references to contitional cards but not sure what they are… is that making an entity available if a condition is met? I don’t use that…

Yep, I use it to show volume sliders. When my media device is off, why show the volume?

Seems a few people say it’s only stacks with custom cards. That is what I am seeing as well. (apart from your conditional card) My media players are ok but they aren’t conditional cards.
Hopefully we see 0.81.2 soon.

My media cards are fine also, except when they are part of a vertical-stack.