Lovelace card webrtc disable media control

I have one RTSP H264 camera connected to webrtc card but I doesn’t able to hide the media control.

Basically I just want to display the camera live feed and block user tap/hold the card, only live feed

I tried set tap_action, double tap action and hold action to false but no luck no work.

Just found this while looking for my own answer to the question, and here’s code that will get it done:

          - type: 'custom:webrtc-camera'
            url: 'rtsp://username:[email protected]:554/Streaming/Channels/101'
            media: video
            intersection: 0.75
            background: true
            ui: true
            style: >-
              video {object-fit: fill;} .header {display: none} .pictureinpicture {display: none} .mode {display: none} .screenshot {display: none} .fullscreen {display: none}'


ui: true

part removes the previous media control entries, and the style section removes the icons that the ui otherwise brings.