Lovelace config overwritten

I finally got around to configuring the Lovelace UI, and was in the process of adding a floorplan panel. I saved the initial floorplan with just a couple of things…a template, sort of…using the UI. Then a few days later I spent a few hours getting all items in and aligned. It was a good start.

This weekend, I added a new switch. I edited the default Lovelace (now not system controlled) page to add the switch. And I just noticed that saving that overwrote the hours of floorplan work back to just the initial template!

Luckily I have good backups and can get the config back, but this seems like a bug. What I think happened was I used one device to do the initial setup and switch, but a different one to do the bulk of the work. I think the first device had the old setup cached and overwrote it.

Is there a better place to log bug reports?

Actual bug reports go on Github


I’m still a newb. :slight_smile: