Lovelace in Fully Kiosk Browser not working after some hours

Hi all,
my setup is a Kindle Fire 7, Fully Kiosk Browser and HA in the lastest versions.

When I open the Lovelace UI in the Fully Kiosk Browser, everything is fine at first. But after some hours, buttons stop working and conditional cards don’t hide, but I can still switch between the group tabs. When I reload the page, everything works as expected again.

Does anyone have an idea what’s going on here or where I can start debugging this?


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Finally, I could get rid of this problem by disabling the option ‘Automatically close connection’ in my user profile. It’s working smoothly for 3 days now.

Which profile you mean here? I could not find any option via remote access to the device.

You probably figured it out by now, but for anyone coming by in the future - I think this is the setting being referred to, its in the user settings in HA and looks like it needs to be set per device:

At least I hope so, since I came across this thread because my tablet’s dashboard keeps timing out so just updated and hoping it solves my issue.