Lovelace in supervisor mode - n0 config?


I am running the latest versions of Hassio on a Raspberry pi:
Core version 3.0
Supervisor: 03.3
Core: 5.12

I use the “build in” / automatic version of Lovelace and would like to eg. disable the list of all my scenes in the UI. Is there no config at all for the supervisor mode of Lovelace UI (or whatever it’s called) other than taking full control of the UI using the three dots up right corner ? I don’t fell I am ready to do that yet since I have messed it all up once doing that.

It has been called Home Assistant OS for 14 months. Please stop using that term.

You can create another dashboard and take control of that one, leaving the auto generated dashboard as is. If you find taking control is not for you then you can always delete the new dashboard.

See Configuration / Dashboards.

Reverting to auto generated is easy too… just edit the dashboard and then select edit raw and delete everything… Taking control isn’t that scary…

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Sorry for using the wrong term - just much easier to type when trying to find info and google stuff.