Lovelace interface - what system/browser do you use?

Hey guys,

What do you guys use for interacting with the UI?
I have a touch screen which I want to connect to my pi, but should I use rasbian and then then chromium or just install google os?

What do you use?

Do you mean Chromium OS? Never used on pi, does it have drivers for your touchscreen?.

The good thing about pi is you can try both, and swap between with the swap of sd card.

I found a video on YouTube and also downloadable links for chromium.

I don’t know, but it’s just worth giving I shot I think.

The other thing I mentioned was just if someone was using a chrome browser on top of their rasbian installation and of it was running smoothly?

Really not sure what you mean here.

I interact with the HA UI through my PC, my mobile, and my tablet by using the browser on each device, mainly Chrome.

Are you talking about connecting the touch screen to the Pi that you’re running your HA installation on?
And why would you want to do that?

So here is the deal.

I have a 22" monitor that has this touch funtion. This is only the screen, so I would need a device to host a host browser in some way.
I do also interact with Home Assistant through my mobile, pc and tablets… but this setup would be kinda the “main-control”, because of the size of the screen.
Currently I have a “compute on a stick” from MS, but that is not running flawless. Probably because of the full-blown Windows 10 on that tiny device with no horse powers.

So that was why I was asking, if some of you had some good experiences running a chrome browser on rasbian or installing chromium os on a rpi3.
For me so far, running the ui in Chrome has been the best solution.

Okay, I understand better what you’re trying to do, but I don’t have any experience doing that.

There are a lot of threads here about using tablets as wall panels to interface with HA but I cannot recall having seen one that actually describes something similar to what you want to achieve. There might be one in the ‘Share your Projects!’ category, though.

Good luck!

Buy 2 SD cards.

Install raspbian on one, try it. Remove the CD card

Install Chromium OS on the other, try it.

Report back.