Lovelace-layout-card dashboards do not render on Google Nest Hub

Hi All,

I have update my HA Dashboards to use lovelace-layout-card and it look gorgeous.
I was very happy with the amount of effort I put in to make the dashboard look pretty, functional and comprehensive until I tried to cast that dashboard to my Google Nest Hub and O’boy I was in for a surprise followed by hours and hours of frustration to debug and resolve it.

Eventually I created a dashboard with just 1 entity and changed the View Type between Masonry (default) and Masonry (layout-card) for testing and concluded that any dashboard using layout-card views does not render to Google Nest Hub and is rendered as blank white page.

So I’m left with a mixed feeling where I really love the power of customization provided by lovelace-layout-card plugin but on the other hand it broke my previously working google cast.

I know of 1 workaround but it is unreliable and I would personally not rely on it
1st cast the dashboard with View Type as Masonry (default) and then cast the dashboard with View Type as Masonry (layout-card). It will render but as I mentioned above, it is unreliable and not something to depend on when you have other members in the house using HA on Google Cast.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

You should follow this issue:

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