Lovelace Link with umlaut [bug?]

after updating to the newest HA version (core-2022.2.X) on Home Assistant OS 7.2 I noticed that two of my Lovelace pages in my dashboard don’t open.
They have in common that the links use German umlauts (ü) and therefore look like this: https://example.tld:8123/lovelace/Büro or https://example.tld:8123/lovelace/B%C3%BCro

Is this a bug or a “breaking change” in the new release I didn’t notice?

And is it possible to change the link for Büro to Buero without opening the link? The edit mode is not working as well and just opens the first page of my dashboard.

Thanks and best regards

Try this:

  • Stop homeassistant (ha core stop)
  • Make a backup of your configuration directory (including .storage/) and database. Manually editing files in .storage/ is not recommended and could break your system.
  • edit .storage/lovelace.your_dashboard
  • find the broken view and modify it’s path
  • start homeassistant (ha core start)
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Editing the lovelace file in .storage was all it needed to get working links again.