Lovelace or Groups?

As I am currently building a new Docker environment, I would like to hear your opinion on either Lovelace or Groups. Will Lovelace eventually replace groups? Do you have a feel if this is the direction that the Devs are taking? Honestly, I don’t know much about LL and feel like it’s a little harder to wrap my head around it, but very familiar with group setup.
If you were redoing from scratch, which direction would you take?

From the 0.82 Release Notes:

We’re prepping Lovelace for general release and slowly all pieces are coming together.

So i would change to LL.

I’m still not sure though whether the old system will disappear?

@VDRainer - Yes, I have read the same line in the release notes but it’s a little bit ambiguous so this prompted me to ask the question. I would rather change now if this is the direction.

Definitely go with Lovelace. This interface is so much better than the “old” one. Graphs load faster and I especially like the “dynamic” entity-filter views (what’s on or open at a Glance)

I don’t think it’s an either-or situation for groups, it’s more for views.

You will still want to create groups like you do for the traditional interface in order to manage items together, e.g. device trackers or home vs. not_home or ‘all the lights in the living room’.
You might then want to display only the group ‘Living Room Lights’ in the UI - or list them separately.