Lovelace over duckdns

Hi all,

I have my HassIO server exposed externally fine using the DuckDNS add-on at myduckdnsaddress:8123/states. I have created a Lovelace UI which works fine on my internal network but if I go to myduckdnsaddress:8123/lovelace I get nothing. Any ideas?

Are you using https:// ?

Also, try without Lovelace the first time then set Lovelace as the default in the dev panel.

and then click on the link to try lovelace in the same panel in dev tools. It works fine - been using it for months.

What browser are you using and are you getting any errors in the logs? Also, it should redirect you to your main lovelace view.

yes I was.

this worked. I didnt realise it was necessary to get it to work since it was working simply by using /lovelace with the local IP address. Thanks

using Chrome. No errors in logs

Keep in mind you’ll have to do this on every device and anytime you clear your cache/ history.