Lovelace question

Is it possible to go back to the configuration as it was before adding the Lovelace mode to configuration.yaml?

I want to experiment with various Lovelace display options and found the default edit approach easier than the text-based option after enabling Lovelace manually.

I have removed these lines from configuration.yaml and have removed the ui-lovelace.yaml file then restarted and it still uses that mode.

  mode: yaml

How do I revert, please?

Restore a backup or snapshot?

Actually since you used mode yaml I think you can just take those lines out of the configuration & restart.

Cancel that question and accept my apologies, please.

I went back to it and it has now reverted. No idea why it took so long but it seems to be sorted. Thanks

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Thanks, @anon34565116 - that was what I thought but it didn’t work even after a restart. And then about 5 minutes after I posted the question it suddenly worked!

Apologies for wasting your time!