Lovelace screen refresh

Lovelace is brilliant but one thing that is a problem is that (in Chrome) it doesn’t always refresh when something changes. I often have to change to a different view to force it to reload.

Or does that just happen with me?


just changed to lovelace and have my lovelace ui on a chrome home screen icon. Chrome on a samsung galaxy tab
however for the life of me i cant get the page to refresh, in terms of ive added a section accross the top and when i do a page refresh it doesnt show the new tab.

Ive cleared cache in chrome settings but page still doesnt load. Also noticed some of the entities/cards dont show up alghough they do on the pc desktop chrome

Any thoughts appreciated?


Any resolution to this? I’m on a mac running chrome and my history_graphs in particular don’t update regularly. It’s particularly bad if I’m on another chrome tab for a while. When I come back I have to manually refresh the screen to get some items to update to current status.

Same problem re refresh. I am on Windows 10 running Edge. Cards stop updating after a period of time. An auto refresh setting would be great, or when the focus is brought back to HA.

so any solution ?

Was there any solution to this, I have an iPad on the wall and after x hours it just stops updating, so at least once a day I have to faff around killing the app and restarting it.

I’ve tried numerous things:

  • Running the HA App
  • Browse to the website and add the site to the homepage using Safari so you get a fullscreen page
  • installed browser_mod and try to switch views every hour using node red

I used to use appdaemon, which was better, but only because I added a meta refresh into the header of that. Anyone got any good suggestion for running HA on a wall mounted iPad and having it reliable?

Refresh doesn’t work at all in my chromium: Version 83.0.4103.116 (Developer Build) built on Debian 10.4, running on Debian 10.5 (64-bit)