Lovelace - Show who is home

What is the easiest/simpliest way to display a list of who is “home”? I dont really want to create a conditional card for each person. Even a simple list of people, text only would be fine (maybe prefered). I dont need a big button or picture of the person, just looking for a simple informational dashboard,and who’s home is one of the bits of info I’d like to display.

The easiest way is the entity-filter card.

And use it like this:

  - title: Home
    icon: mdi:castle 
    id: default_view
    # Optional unique id for direct access /lovelace/${id}
# Show here only when home
      - type: entity-filter
          type: glance
          title: People - home
          show_state: false
          show_name: false
          - device_tracker.phone_1
          - device_tracker.phone_2
          - home
        show_empty: false