Lovelace: Simple thermostat card

This have changed in newest HA, at least for Z-Wave thermostats, that when OFF the target temperature is N/A.

I solved it this way:

  - hvac
  - preset: false
entity: climate.eurotronic_eur_spiritz_wall_radiator_thermostat_mode_3
fallback: 'OFF'

So replacing N/A with OFF. Just the °C remained but I can live with that :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply but I was looking for more of a way to completely hide the up and down arrows along with the N/A (i.e just to leave the on/off and preset buttons remaining)?

I know how to do this using card-mod but just always. I did not manage conditionaly via templating.

OK, I took a look again :wink:

So to hide section in case thermostat is off, you can use this configuration together with card-mod.
Once target temperature is above 0 the controls are displyed otherwise hidden

entity: climate.eurotronic_eur_spiritz_wall_radiator_thermostat_mode_3
step_size: 0.5
style: |
  .main {
    display: {% if not state_attr('climate.eurotronic_eur_spiritz_wall_radiator_thermostat_mode_3','temperature') | float > 0 %} none !important {% endif %}
type: 'custom:simple-thermostat'

obrazek obrazek

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My Tado thermostats have a hvac mode ‘auto’ where they set the temperature depending on a schedule. When in this mode the corresponding button on the simple-thermostat-card is blue which is correct.
When I change the temperature manually then the button isn’t blue anymore and the target temperature turns red which should be correct, too.
Now when I hit the ‘auto’ mode button, the target temperature doesn’t change back to the predefined temperature of the ‘auto’ mode.
In the background everything works fine. Just the temperature shown by the card doesn’t get refreshed until I refresh the whole site.

Is there a problem on my site or is this a bug?

This does sound like a bug. Does the target temp turn back to black? That signals that the effect have been registered in the entity. I guess you change to auto before the new target temp is set, and the card is waiting for the state change to be verified and it doesn’t accept that a different change happened behind the scenes because of the mode switch.

Ok I figured out that there is only a problem with changing the target temp when in auto mode. Only then the color of the temp stays red and doesn’t turn back to black. When refresh the site after that, the temp is black and I even can change the temp or hit the auto button and the new target temp changes to the correct value and also turns black.
In summary: After changing away from auto mode by adjusting the target temp manually, the auto button behaves correct and turns white while the target temp stays red and doesn’t get refreshed(?).

Edit: I don’t know why but apperantly it is working know. Maybe the last HA update fixed something.

Hi everyone,

I am quite new to home assistant and I currently I am struggling on achieving the custom virtual thermostat for my rooms.

So far I was able to create the virtual thermostats by using generic_thermostat platform & simple thermostat card in lovelace. I’ve created also 2 custom preset modes which are shown in my lovelace card.

The problem is that the virtual thermostat does not switch to the custom presets when I press the custom preset button within the lovelace card. I am attaching a few screenshots for a better understanding.

What I want is to be able to chose the custom preset mode from simple thermostat card. Currently I can only chose none and away, if I press on schedule and 60 min I see the pressing for like 1 second and then the preset stays on either none or away. I noticed that entity state for climate.thermostat_kitchen does change in the developer tools only for none, away selection (preset button pressed within simple thermostat card).

Please advise on how to proceed further, do I need some templates, scripts or automations?

best regards,

@flyboy How did you manage to create Fan mode buttons? Would you mind sharing your card?

Here is the yaml for my Living Room thermostat. I have the style in a separate include file so I only need to manage it once for all the thermostats.

          - type: 'custom:simple-thermostat'
            style: !include ../styles/style_climate_card.yaml
            name: Living Room
              - name: Now
                entity: sensor.ambient_temp_1
              - name: Status
                entity: sensor.living_room_zone_status
            step_size: 1
              _headings: true
                  icon: 'mdi:fire'
                  icon: 'mdi:snowflake'
                  icon: 'mdi:autorenew'
                  icon: 'mdi:fan'
                  icon: 'mdi:power-off'
            decimals: 0
            entity: climate.living_room
              temperature: true
              state: true

Firstly, I must say thank you to @nervetattoo for creating the card.

I have a MHI air conditioner using the IntesisHome wifi addon.

I was wondering if anyone was able to point me in the right direction to modify my card a little. Below is my lovelace current config:

        - type: 'custom:simple-thermostat'
          entity: climate.device_224571441632
          step_size: 1
          name: false
            temperature: true
              heat_cool: false
              dry: false

This is what the output looks like:


The device shows the following options/output in the states section:

hvac_modes: heat_cool,cool,heat,dry,fan_only,off
min_temp: 18
max_temp: 30
target_temp_step: 1
fan_modes: quiet,low,medium,high
swing_modes: off,vertical
current_temperature: 24
temperature: 24
fan_mode: quiet
swing_mode: vertical
vertical_vane: swing
horizontal_vane: null
outdoor_temp: 30
friendly_name: Device 224571441632265
icon: mdi:snowflake
supported_features: 41

What I would like to be able to do is control the speed of the fan. I assume they are these

fan_modes: quiet,low,medium,high

I’ve seen a few cards in this thread that have the fan speed options. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for my code that would allow it? I don’t mind if it is the same style buttons along the bottom that are in the above screen shot for the AC mode or if it is a button you press, drop down, anything :slight_smile:


Is there a way to change units to F? My HA is in C but this specific sensor im using is in F yet the sensor is still showing C.


how to add fan_mode control:?


This should do the trick:

  hvac: true
  fan: true


  - entity: my.entity
    unit: F

Thanks, that looks like it is working for me :slight_smile:

This is what I have now:

       - type: custom:vertical-stack-in-card
        title: Downstairs Climate
        - type: glance
            - entity: sensor.mhi_set_temp
              name: "AC Set Temp"
              icon: mdi:thermometer
            - entity: sensor.bedroom_humidity
              name: "Humidity"
            - entity: sensor.bedroom_temperature
              name: "Inside Temp"
            - entity: sensor.mhi_outside_temp
              name: "Outside Temp"
              icon: mdi:coolant-temperature
        - type: 'custom:simple-thermostat'
          entity: climate.device_22457144163
          step_size: 1
          name: false
            temperature: true
              heat_cool: false
              dry: false
            fan: true
        - type: glance
          title: Dyson
            - entity: switch.fanpower
                action: toggle
            - entity: switch.fan_auto
                action: toggle
            - entity: switch.fan_night
              icon: mdi:weather-night
                action: toggle
            - entity: switch.oscillation
                action: toggle

Any ideas how I could either remove the AC temp control (big thing with up & down arrows) or make it smaller/more discrete? It is quite large in the card

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First of all, tnx @nervetattoo for the support !

1- where i can control header size , button size?
2- If i want to move the fan speed to a drop down menu under the humidity ?


  1. Try card-mod and invetigate the css yourself
  2. Not possible and won’t become possible

Since the preset numbers turn red when we change temperature.
Would it be possible to have option to turn the preset numbers to red when actively heating and blue when cooling and then turn back to white when it’s not heating/cooling?

like sd_dracula i have both operations and preset mode.
if i use

 _headings: false

it removes both, i want to just remove the preset row… is that possible or do i have to define the 3 operations manually then ?

Feature request: Adding a custom preset that runs off a script. For example, Ecobee resume schedule button.