/lovelace/start:0:0 Uncaught - Whare to start to get rid of this error?

I keep getting this in my logging. Where can I get this gone?

Logger: frontend.js.latest.202101277
Source: components/system_log/__init__.py:190
First occurred: 1:17:45 PM (2 occurrences)
Last logged: 1:42:25 PM Uncaught

Hate to reply to self… but is there anyone able to direct me?

Restart the host, and its done :wink:

Nope not done

@sender I have had the same error for a few days now. Don’t know what is causing it…

Question: did you deinstall anything in the last few days/weeks?

Nope did not

Ever get rid of this? I have it also.

Same here, can’t seem to get rid of it.