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Lovelace: Thermostat card (BETA)


Yes, you can (set the target_sensor in the generic thermostat definition to your actual pool temperature sensor), although, without the additional controls the thermostat offers, it would be an inefficient use of real-estate.

You could use Lovelace sensor card instead and have also the state history in the same place.


Great, thank you. I will try both


Thanks for the heads up. I was running an old version of HA and once I upgraded it worked. Not going to start looking into why it’s fixed but cheers for the support anywho!


I really like the thermostat! Very very useful!

I made a copy of the folder to change some settings, so I have two different thermostats (one with a fixed size).

Question, the one that I copied over and changed to have a fixed size align on the left (see screenshot). Is it possible to have it in the center?



is this project still alive?

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I would prefer this to the default lovelace thermostat but it isn’t quite working for me. Is this still an active project?


I don’t think this project is still maintained since last updates are from last year, however they seem to work fine for me (HA 0.91.3).


Hi all,

After installed this Thermostat card, my Thermostat default colour is Blue.

How could I do to change from Blue to Black colour and vice versa?



Did you setup hvac in your config? Blue means cool, orange/red means heat. If you remove the hvac in your config it will turn black or grey depending on state.

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Nope, I did not set any hvac in my config.

My config:

type: ‘custom:thermostat-card’
title: Acson
entity: climate.acson_2
step: 1


Ok then try adding the hvac, but with states that don’t exist. They should override the default and as it doesn’t exist there shouldn’t be any color.