Lovelace: Thermostat card (BETA)


Yes, you can (set the target_sensor in the generic thermostat definition to your actual pool temperature sensor), although, without the additional controls the thermostat offers, it would be an inefficient use of real-estate.

You could use Lovelace sensor card instead and have also the state history in the same place.


Great, thank you. I will try both


Thanks for the heads up. I was running an old version of HA and once I upgraded it worked. Not going to start looking into why it’s fixed but cheers for the support anywho!


I really like the thermostat! Very very useful!

I made a copy of the folder to change some settings, so I have two different thermostats (one with a fixed size).

Question, the one that I copied over and changed to have a fixed size align on the left (see screenshot). Is it possible to have it in the center?



is this project still alive?