Lovelace UI: how to set it permanently as default interface

of course I love very much Lovelace UI, it is handy and easy to customise so i would like to set it as default interface. Unfortunately I cannot manage to do this. Every time I access to HA web interface I had to go to info and the go to Lovelace UI.
Is there any way to get rid of this steps setting it permanently as default UI?

Thank You

What version are you on? Lovelace became the default UI a couple of versions ago.

I’m using 0.87.1.
Pherhaps are there any file I configured that I have to remove?

It became standard in 0.86.
If you press the info button, at the bottom, just over the log you can see “Make Lovelace default UI” or “set states as default UI”

If you’re using a shortcut on your phone, you many need to re-create it to get it to open lovelace by default. I had to do that on my Android recently.

Yes, it is exactly what I do every time I open the browser fr the first time but when I close the browser I see a different UI even though there is written “Remove states as default page on this device”

Whe I used the previous interface I set some customization file with:

# Customization file
  customize: !include_dir_merge_named customize/

Could this influence the UI view?

I commented out the customize: row but nothing changed.
If I wan to see Lovelace interface I had specifically click on “Go to the Lovelace UI” in the info page.

Clear the browser cache for your ha.

Lovelace is the default UI in current versions. There is nothing to configure for it

What URL is your shortcut showing if you edit the properties? If you saved the shortcut when you were using the old UI that will be saved in the shortcut. Edit your shortcut and delete /states on the end and put /lovelace instead.