Lovelace VS States configuration Mixup

I started to play with Lovelace a few days ago and pretty sure I want to move in that direction. Here is my problem. In Lovelace, I created a few room/card/etc more of an experiment than anything else. I then left lovelace and back to States. I made some changes/additions in the latter which are not appearing in my experimental Lovelace pages. I know I could make the same changes in Lovelace as I did in States but it would be easier to just simply restart from the beginning with the lovelace configuartion. How do I trash this experimental config in lovelace?

The first question would be “Where did you make the lovelace config changes?”
I know of at least 2 possible answers to that question.

Web UI. There is more than one place to make changes?

You can use yaml mode with lovelace-ui.yaml file but it appears that is not what you did.

OK. From the UI config, select the Raw Config editor from the upper right menu. You can then see the yaml behind the active configuration.

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All fixed. Thanks for your help