LovelaceUI: hide/show entities based on state of other entities, within a card

The entity-filter card supports filtering of entities dynamically but it only supports filtering entities based on each entity’s own state, but not on the state of other entities.

This limitation makes it not-useful to support the following (hopefully common) use case: a template switch or input_binary that enables some action that requires extra associated input (say: a start time, and some other input_binary state). All of these associated input would be better hidden away if the switch that renders them useful is off.

For reference: for the legacy UI, there is CustomUI supports templating the ‘hidden’ attribute of any entity. It would be really useful if we could get native support in lovelace for this. People use this feature - there are many threads old and recent describing the use case.

On a very related topic, but for a separate feature request, would be the capability to change the color of an icon based on state, useful for things like input_binary and also sensor readines, e.g. glance view

Conditional card is coming in 0.75

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