Low battery level detection & notification

As ratnezumi said,
when it was automatically launched by the time trigger and not manually by me, the automation worked like a charme.
Thanks guys.

do I have to select an action when creating the automation?

do I have to select an action when creating the automation?

yes, add action “Call a service” and then look for Notifications: Send a notification with …

If your SMTP is configured correctly it will appear there.

thank you, it is up and running now. My first time using a Blueprint

This is exactly wat I was looking for.
Although I have problems with entities which are also battery type but no device_class: measurement:

The onle ones which are correct here are Batterie (Regensensor) & Temperatur & Feuchte-Sensor (Bad DG):

Die folgenden Batterien sind langsam leer ⤵ 
      - Temperatur & Feuchte-Sensor (Bad DG) Battery level (60.0 %)
      - CO-Sensor Charging status (0 %)
      - CO-Sensor Maximum capacity (0 %)
      - CO-Sensor Recharge or replace (0 %)
      - CO-Sensor Temperature (0 %)
      - Fenster - Bad DG Charging status (0.0 %)
      - Fenster - Bad DG Maximum capacity (0 %)
      - Fenster - Bad DG Recharge or replace (0.0 %)
      - Fenster - Bad DG Temperature (0 %)
      - Fenster - Bad OG Charging status (0.0 %)
      - Fenster - Bad OG Maximum capacity (0 %)
      - Fenster - Bad OG Recharge or replace (0.0 %)
      - Fenster - Bad OG Temperature (0 %)
      - Fenster Balkon - Flur DG: Charging status (0.0 %)
      - Fenster Balkon - Flur DG: Maximum capacity (0 %)
      - Fenster Balkon - Flur DG: Recharge or replace (0.0 %)
      - Fenster Balkon - Flur DG: Temperature (0 %)
      - Fenster - Büro Charging status (0.0 %)
      - Fenster - Büro Maximum capacity (0 %)
      - Fenster - Büro Recharge or replace (0.0 %)
      - Fenster - Büro Temperature (0 %)
      - Fenster - Mads Charging status (0.0 %)
      - Fenster - Mads Maximum capacity (0 %)
      - Fenster - Mads Recharge or replace (0.0 %)
      - Fenster - Mads Temperature (0 %)
      - Fenster - Pepe Charging status (0.0 %)
      - Fenster - Pepe Maximum capacity (0 %)
      - Fenster - Pepe Recharge or replace (0.0 %)
      - Fenster - Pepe Temperature (0 %)
      - Fenster - Schlafzimmer Charging status (0.0 %)
      - Fenster - Schlafzimmer Maximum capacity (0 %)
      - Fenster - Schlafzimmer Recharge or replace (0.0 %)
      - Fenster - Schlafzimmer Temperature (0 %)
      - Gartentor: Charging status (0.0 %)
      - Gartentor: Maximum capacity (0 %)
      - Gartentor: Recharge or replace (0.0 %)
      - Gartentor: Temperature (0 %)
      - Bewegungssensor - Flur EG Charging status (0.0 %)
      - Bewegungssensor - Flur EG Maximum capacity (0 %)
      - Bewegungssensor - Flur EG Recharge or replace (0.0 %)
      - Bewegungssensor - Flur EG Temperature (0 %)
      - Batterie (Regensensor) (36 %)

How about limiting the blueprint to:

device_class: battery
state_class: measurement

It’s unclear how it works. In the actions, I pointed to the notification.telegram and the text “Test”. Now, when the battery is low, I get the message “Test”. Shouldn’t automation send the name of the device in which the battery ran out?

You should include {{sensors}} tag in your message. This tag is replaced by the list of low battery sensors.

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thanks for the fix not sure why i didnt get notified from forum thread of new posts but anyways…

Thanks @gmlupatelli

Это работает, но без названия устройства.
У меня создано на NodeRed подобная автоматизация, которая присылает сообщение о
разряженной батареи с наименованием устройства.

Very nice Blueprint, but why just one time for checking the battery? Why not an variable check option like every three, four, or nine hours?

For my use case, remote Zigbee sensors, the battery doesn’t drop so fast that I would need multiple checks.

When I get a 20% low battery notification, I still have one week to one month until the device dies.

@gmlupatelli Would this modification be possible? I guess it would make sense to do so, don’t you?

This is a great and easy-to-use blueprint. Thank you!

As a suggestion, you might also want to add support for showing batteries that are ‘unavailable’ as I’ve seen this value for a few of my completely drained batteries (and they don’t trigger the actions).

Hi, great job. One question, if I send the notification to Google Home it says:
warning arrow down , Battery X%
How can I remove : “arrow down” every time he speaks?

service: tts.google_translate_say
  message: warning, {{sensors|replace ("_"," ")}} 
  entity_id: media_player.ingresso

I would also like this feature as it would let me know if any of my ZHA sensors go offline. This is especially important for my leak sensors.

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Thanks @gmlupatelli !!! Excellent Blueprint
(kudos also to @Sbyx for his base code)

This is exactly what I needed :slight_smile:

I was going to create a NodeRed flow for this, but that would have been so much more work :frowning:

Any chance of getting this added?

Just installed… thank you.
looks like all is ok, but I have to wait for the first battery going low to be sure :wink:

I have another blueprint just for unavailable devices: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/unavailable-entity-detection-notification/337272?u=gmlupatelli

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