Luci Device Tracker with Openwrt Issues

So I used the Luci device Tracker integration for a few years now and I never had these Issues,

-> Devices go “away” and 5 Minutes later they are back “home”
which messes up the logbook, history and is in general a Problem for me.

I never had these Issues before, I think this happens since .113 but I’m not sure.
At first I thought oh okay maybe I messed something up with openwrt but now I restored my router back to factory default Openwrt and it still happens.

I already tried changing the consider_home and other variables but this just appears to have an effect on the interval these Devices appear and disappear…

Is anybody else experiencing this issue or is it just me?
Should I open a issue?

This happens to both wired and wireless devices


Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-06 um 18.55.34

Ever get it fixed?