Lupus Camera integration without LUPUSEC


I am using Lupus Cameras for my Smarthome, integrated via ONVIF. It would be nice to have an integration for Lupus cameras without having the LUPUSEC hardware and integration.

Hi @0la1
Would you mind sharing your ONVIF settings?
I am not able to connect my cameras to HA using onvif.
Thanks in advance.

Hey NCO3,

what information you are looking at exactly?
Are you using lupus hardware as well?

Hi @0la1

yes, I use the Lupus XT1 Plus and two LE204.
I have connected the cameras separately using generic camera, but would like to do this via ONVIF.

This would enable me to switch the NIR light if needed (I hope).

Right, when integrating via Onvif you will also get all Sensors etc integrated.

There was actually nothing fancy to make it work.

I have the cameras in a aperste VLAN, wherefore I have untagged the “search for devices” box and added the details manually. On the next page enter the name, local link (http://192.168….; or whatsoever your internal IP syntax is) leave the port on 80, enter the username and password for the camera.

Before adding via ONVIF, Ensure that the HTTPS redirect in the camera is disabled and the camera is reached via HTTP. That was the only issue I hade.

Let me know if that works.

Thank you for your help.
I usually used the automatic way, but even the manual way does not work:

And HTTPS redirect is also disabled:

As far as I remember I had to disable the redirect anyway for my synology NAS:
However, on the NAS I integrated it with RTSP at the end.

Sorry for my late reply. Take also the tick away from HTTPS aktivieren and reboot the camera. You should see the URL now starting with Http instead of https. That was what was working for me.

Let me know if it connects, if not we can compare settings one by one.

No worries - it’s not an urgent topic - there is much more else to do as well :wink:
Anyway - thank you very much.
I will give it a try!
Have a great weekend

Did it work?