Lutron Appliance Module support for the Lutron Caséta integration

Hi all.

Looking to see if support can be added to the Lutron Caséta integration for the:
15-AMP Plug-in Appliance Module (RR-15APS-1)

Currently the Dimming Module is supported, but not the above referenced Appliance version. It does not seem to be discovered as a Device or Entity.


@chassio did you ever get a response to this on any other support channels? I too am wondering why the Appliance Module is not detected when all my other RadioRA2 gear seems to be detected.

I am using a Ra2 Select Main repeater with the Lutron Casetta integration and it works great except for this missing plug.

@newsflash I updated the pylutron module to add support for this (0.11), but the HA devs haven’t yet merged it into the main branch. See here:

(recent 0.10 merge) Update pylutron-caseta to 0.10.0 by ahayworth · Pull Request #51005 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

It would be great to call some attention to this and get them to bump to 0.11, but I haven’t had much success.

Ok, so the devs merged it only a day after I posted my previous message. YES!

@chassio v0.11.0 has merged into the dev branch of core. There’s been a release of core since it merged but I’m not sure if it was in the release. Not sure how to tell when it will be in a release.

It appears that 2021.8.6 has implemented the latest code and this device is now officially supported :slight_smile: