Lutron Caseta Core Integration and domain changes

I just switched from the HACS integration to the core integration (for Caseta Pro)

One thing the HACS integration had was the ability to specify devices and domain overrides, e.g. if a wall switch controls a fan, to tell it that was so, and it created the entity as instead of

In this integration I don’t see that feature. You can go into the entity display and change domains, but that jumps through a hoop of creating a new entity (that appears some kind of background synonym entry) and hiding the original. The original is still there, however, so doing something like “Hey Google, turn on the Bedroom Ceiling Fan” has it try to affect two devices, of course both are the same.

And yes, I can take that out by excluding from sync… but …

Is there a better way, some way so as it creates entities it knows which are which domain, as opposed to these hidden/fake entries as a workaround?

It was very nice not having to telnet to the device and pull down the definition file, but being able to specify domains was a nice feature.

As an example of where I can’t seem to find a solution, I use a auto-entities to fill in lists of things like all ceiling fans that are on. Now I’m getting it each renamed entity in two places, once as a switch, once as a fan.

Again, I can explicitly exclude them all, but this is going to keep coming up, trying to make these semi-duplicates go away. That’s why I hope for a better way to change domains.