Lutron Caseta Devices showing as Entities but not Devices

Sorry, very newb question, and I barely know enough about Home Assistant to know where to post this question either. Still learning a lot.

I have multiple Lutron Caseta devices added to a Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge PRO installed under “Integrations” within Home Assistant. All of these are supported devices based on the documentation (i.e. mostly all dimmer switches)

When I have added new devices, Home Assistant appears to have added those new devices automatically.

However, I just installed a few more rooms and the last 10 devices I added are NOT showing up as “Devices”, although I find references to them under Entities.

When I look at the listing for the Lutron integration, it lists 52 devices and 45 entities. However, I have 62 devices added per the Lutron iOS app (which accounts for the 10 missing devices I just installed)

I have the option to “Enable newly discovered devices” turned ON.

Is there some way to refresh this Lutron integration to get these last 10 devices to show up?


[Update] I made things worse? I thought I would experiment with just deleting the Lutron integration and see if re-adding it would add all the devices. However, after doing this, now only 16 devices load… I repeated this to see if maybe it was a glitch, but again only 16 devices (the same 16 devices) loaded when I deleted then re-added the Lutron integration.

I just had the same issue last night. It had been a month or so since I last updated HA and just did an update now. I see the new switches as devices after the update.