Lutron Caseta integration broken in 0.117.0?

Lutron Caseta integration was working up until the 0.117.0 upgrade.
Reverting to 0.116.4 snapshot restored functionality. After the upgrade all
Lutron devices are labeled unavailable.
Repeating the upgrade resulted it the same problem.

same issue here with .117

Having the same issues with both .117 and .118. Looks like the developers have closed the thread listed above.

Have you looked at the HA logs to determine what is wrong? My system seems to be using the wrong IP address for the Lutron Caseta hub (ie not the one in configuration.yaml).

Same problem here. Works when reverting back to .116 but does not work on .117 not .118. Do we know if an official bug report has been opened?

Mine works on .118.

I had some issues a couple days ago. Don’t touch your configuration.yaml. Remove the integration (configuration->integrations), restart, and re-add the integration.

I updated to 0.118.2.
I ripped out the Lutron Caseta integration that has been working. Restarted the system without the integration that was legacy and found that I can’t re-add the integration. It is no longer available on the configuration/integrations page.
Restarted again and Lutron Caseta is working without the integration added in. Apparently it now adds the integration by itself. The integration now shows on the configuration/integrations page.

This fixed my issue too! Thanks for posting!

Thanks for the hint. It worked for me.

From 0.116 I deleted the Integrations from Configuration panel, commented the Lutron entries in the configuration.yaml, uninstalled the Lutron Certificate add-on, deleted the lutron certificates under ssl folder, rebooted, then ugraded to 0.118, reinstalled add-on, regenerated the lutron certificates, un-commented the entries in configuration.yaml and now it works.

Thanks again.

What path did you use for the lutron certs in your configuration?
I am running .118 with hassio. I deleted the integration and configuration did like @zefoto said and it fixed it…
Thanks everyone in this thread!