Lutron Caseta - Pico Remotes stopped working - unusual pylutron_caseta.smartbridge error

This problem started 2-3 weeks ago. I have not found a similar post in the forums. The only thing that I normally changes is a weekly pull of updates to HA via the docker container homeassistant/home-assistant:stable. I’m using the internal Lutron Caseta integration.

I’m unable to use Pico Remote buttons attached to my Lutron Pro hub within HA. Other Lutron devices attached to this hub work just fine (wall switches controlling lights). The wall switches and the Pico remote buttons show up in the HA integration properly as “devices” (8 of them), but there are no “entities” associated with the Pico devices only the wall switch devices (only 3 of them).

As another symptom, I’m seeing an error in the home-assistant.log file that appears when I restart the integration:

ERROR (MainThread) [pylutron_caseta.smartbridge] Failed device status subscription: Response(Header=ResponseHeader(StatusCode=ResponseStatus(400, 'BadRequest'), Url='/button/101/status/event', MessageBodyType='ExceptionDetail'), CommuniqueType='ExceptionResponse', Body={'Message': 'This request is not supported'})

My HA system runs inside Docker in a Fedora-34 VM. Container= “homeassistant/home-assistant:stable”
The Hub is a Lutron Hub Pro2 (L-BDGPRO2)

I have the exact same problem after upgrading to 2022 release. Everything working fine before. Now button presses from Lutron Pico remotes no longer trigger automations. Same log error as above.

Well this is disturbing. Half my house runs on Picos! Knock on wood, I am on the latest version of HA and everything seems to be working ok for me. Have you submitted an issue? That’s probably a better way to get a dev to take a look at it.

Issue filed:

And now:

I can confirm that updating the Caseta Bridge to the latest firmware resolved the issue in my case.

I found the same thing. The hurdle I ran into was getting some sort of indication from the Bridge that it was unable to check if it needed a firmware update. I found no simple way in the app UI to determine if it was needed, nor even how to initiate it. I had to place the device on a public internet connection to allow it to upgrade. Obviously, some security filtering I have in place blocked it.