Lutron - pico audio remote, lighting schedules stopped working once integrated with HASS

I’ve been working through migrating my automations from ST to HASS and have run into trouble with the Lutron integration [using Caseta equipment specifically].

My first guess is that these are related, but I don’t know for sure so bundling them together for now.

  1. Pico Audio [integrated via lutron app to Sonos] are no longer working. Pico lighting remotes still work fine.
  2. Schedules within the Lutron App have stopped running despite still being on [all of them, but I really onlly had a couple of time-of-day scheduled ilghts to turn on/off, and home/away states
  3. home/away state - Getting a notification from the lutron app saying “Arriving/Leaving Error - it looks like you arrived home, but the Lutron app could not connect to your system. Tap here to go to the app”

Any advice or help you might be able to provide? thanks!