Lutron RA2 SeeTouch Problems

Hi have a bunch of SeeTouch controls in my home and am new to HA. I have set up HA and am able to control RA2 dimmers though out my home, I am also able to use SeeTouch buttons to trigger events in HA IF the button DOES NOT have any events tied to in Lutron’s RA2 Essentials software.

So my current troubleshooting has consisted of listening to lutron_event –
If the Seetouch button has been programmed in RA2 Essentials to control Lutron loads it doesn’t show up in Listen to events. If it has not been configured in RA2 Essentials it does transmit to HA.
I have also talnet directly into the main repeater and used “?monitoring” to see all button presses in the house.

I would ideally like the SeeTouch buttons to both trigger an event in Lutron and HA simultaneously so I can control smart bulbs as well as RA2 devices.
Im running Essentials 12.5.4 and HA 0.110.3

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, were you able to solve your problem? I have no issue on my side. SeeTouch keypads that are assigned to radiora2 scenes can also trigger HA entities. For example, when I turn off my bathroom light (SeeTouch keypad controlling RRD dimmer), I also turn off my bathroom outlet (TP-Link Kasa). All from one button.
I have Ra2 Inclusive 12.7.0 and HA 0.113.3 (but it was working before I update both the RA controller and HA). Did you make sure all the keypads are setup with an Integration ID in the Integration panel?

Sadly no, Thanks for replying. I gave up a few weeks after I originally posted this. I have no programming on any of my seetouch buttons and I am using phantom scenes on the main controller and have home assistant listening for button presses to issue the commands. I looked at my Lutron’s Essentials software and all of my devices are setup with integration IDs. Thanks for letting me know there is a new version of RA2, I don’t look very often. Will update this thread after upgrading, I hope things start working.

So I am now up to date on Lutron Essentials 12.7.0 and Home Assistant 0.114.0 still the same. I tried seetouch buttons programmed as toggle control/room monitoring and single/multi room scenes in both of these situations home assistant does not see the button press. Home assistant will see the key press if the button in Lutron but does not have any commands associated with it, these buttons are set up as single/multi room scenes. It’s starting to feel like my next step to troubleshoot this is create a new home assistant instance and see if I still have these issues. Would having Lutron’s connect bridge caused these communication issues?

Just to be sure, do you have “engraving” names for each buttons on the 12.7 software? I had issues with HA and Lutron when these buttons did not have names.

I’m new to the HA environment but I’ve used Lutron Ra1/2 lighting for two decades. The buttons on the keypads have several programming modes, along with the LED on each of them. I don’t make much use of the buttons/leds in automation. I’ve preferred to use Lutron’s software to program the scenes in them directly. This has worked well, as the scenes have a lot of nice features (like fade times on/off and delays). But without conditionals in the repeater there’s certainly need to use an external automation system.

The type of scene you have programmed into the button affects how the system uses it. I can’t remember the specifics, I’d have to check the Lutron PDF or other automation forums. I do recall them being somewhat tricky to handle if you didn’t know the existing mode. Which, I think, is only made obvious in the DbXmlInfo.xml file from the repeater, and not discernible from the GNET telnet interface.