Lutron Radio RA 2 lights not displaying status

With the Lutron integration HA can control my lights (mainly dimmers) and scenes through my main repeater. However, it doesn’t display the current status of the scenes or lights. They always show as off.

For instance, I turn on a light and after a few seconds the UI shows that the light is off. So to turn off the light, I have turn it on again and then turn it off before the UI updates.

I don’t see any additional configuration options.

Is this a known bug or is there a good way to debug this?

Lutron Connect works through Lutron App on my phone, so I don’t suspect that it’s an issue with my Lutron setup.

I also have a problem integrating the RA2 system.

Is RA2 integration working for anyone?

I’ve recently found some insight on this as I was having the same struggle.
Try this (for windows):
using a command prompt: telnet [ip of your main repeater]
(you may need to install telnet from the windows components)
login with the user ID and password in your yaml
change a lutron light switch level (turn it on and off), you should see some output to the telnet connection like DEVICE,31,0,1,0 or whatever.
If you do not see that, then the login info isn’t the integration login info.
I had two different logins setup. I had to use: lutron/lutron initially to get it to pull the config XML file, then changed the info to lutron/integration and restarted everything again and it started working!
Hope this helps someone else

I don’t recall where, but I found this solution worked.

Instead of using the default lutron password use “integration”.

  host: <your-host>
  username: lutron
  password: integration