Luxtronik: Operate/Switch Heating Values (Luxtronik Legacy)

can anyone tell me how to switch heating values in a heatpump with the Luxtronik legacy module (GitHub - Bouni/luxtronik: Luxtronik integration for Home Assistant)? (The new module is currently not finalized)

I have add binary sensors: /home/pi/homeassistant/binary_sensors.yaml

- platform: luxtronik
  scan_interval: 60
    - id: ID_WEB_VBOout
      friendly_name: Heizung
    - id: ID_WEB_EVUin
    - id: ID_WEB_ZIPout
    - id: ID_WEB_ZUPout
    - id: ID_WEB_FP2out

But them are readonly in the web gui.

In openhab I can set the heating and warmwater mode, the target warmwater temp and the heating temp.

Thanks for every answer, Ben

I have realized it with using the service luxtronik.write.