macOS companion app - select list scroll issue

I have been using HA for two years and all that time it is never possible to scroll select lists (dropdown) with mouse wheel in desktop companion app on macOS. Always have to resort to use up-down arrow keyboard keys.

In two years I changed versions of macOS and computers, used different mouse but the issue always persisted.
It’s not relevant to input device and macOS version. It works fine in any browser, including Safari.
Doesn’t work in only companion app. With wither mouse or trackpad.

So it must be something wrong wth me? otherwise there would be large number of bug reports about this.
Surely I am not the only one who uses companion app on macOS and this is pretty annoying everyday issue. yet nobody reported this in two years.
What am I doing wrong?

I don’t think you’re necessarily doing anything wrong. I’ve come to NOT use the companion app on a desktop, except to run side by side with the HA in a browser (to reflect changes made in HA through the browser). Mainly because cut/paste in the OS doesn’t work with the app.

I haven’t complained yet. . . maybe because I haven’t known enough about HA and the companion app to know whether it’s complaint-able (less than a year with HA). It has been simplest, so far, to just work around it to get to the tasks at hand.