Make "Assist" feature of Home Assistant mobile app for Android invokable from Quick Settings tile

Right now you can configure Quick Settings tile to invoke automations, buttons, lights, scripts etc. With the new “Assist” feature available in 2023.2 version, it would be very useful to be able to open Assist voice recognition directly from Quick Settings.

Tiles can only be used for executing actions and not opening the app. If you would like to trigger assist you can setup an Android shortcut to trigger it from the home screen. Just point the shortcut to any Lovelace dashboard with ?conversation=1 added to the end of the URL.

Just want to add a little to the conversation.

Adding ?conversation=1 to the end of the lovelace dashboard URL does take you directly to an assist conversation. However, I couldn’t add a PWA home shortcut via chrome, as it changes the URL back to the original dashboard one as soon as you navigate to it, and you need to navigate to the page to have the “add to home” option available in chrome.

I had to use a shortcut making app (I used shortcut maker), to manually make a shortcut to the correct URL Now have a one tap shortcut to Assist on my phone. Although, unfortunately it just opens in a chrome tab rather than as a PWA, which I know HA is capable of.

If anyone figures out how to get it working as a PWA please let me know! I can’t seem to find any way to make a custom one or alter the URL of an existing one.