Make entity identifiers consistent across yaml and lovelace

Automations, scripts, etc use entity_id and Lovelace uses entity

How about ditching the _id as it’s superfluous?

And while on the subject, when defining an alias, spaces shouldn’t be allowed. Much better to have stricter typing of the names. So

foo bar

Would not be allowed but


Would. Requiring this leaves less room for confusion.

That’s never going to happen.

We’re too far into this to suddenly make everyone go through their entire config an remove the “_id” from every location that they have defined an entity_id.

And it will be the same for the alias. Way too many people have way too many automations to force this change just for someone’s OCD :wink:

Don’t get me wrong if this was all new I would support your position where the entity_id is concerned but not at this stage of the game. No way.

A simple regex script could handle this.