Make Google Home stop music then speak custom text on IFTTT request and/or schedule

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Hi all,

I’m new to Home Assistant so please be gentle. That said, I am a software developer and technical analyst so I am happy to dive right in. Unfortunately the results from my searching so far don’t seem to give me much of a hint how to do this!

My use case is pretty simple: I want to make my Google Home Mini speak out a custom phrase at full volume upon an IFTTT wet request and/or on a scheduled timer.

I live with a disabled family member who uses the Google Home to listen to music/radio for the majority of the day, while having the ability to enable heating/fan/lights as required by voice commands. However we need to prompt certain things to be done at various regular times throughout the day, which is where this new automation comes in.

The command would need to:

  • Note any currently playing music (likely BBC Radio 2)
  • Note the current volume
  • Interrupt the playing music and set the volume to maximum
  • Play the given text as text-to-speech
  • Reset the volume to previous value
  • Restart the previous media

I’m at a loss as to how even start with this.

I have other devices that could easily send the IFTTT web request on say a cron task, or alternatively if possible the schedule would be fully contained within Home Automation.

Any and all help appreciated! :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome to the forum. I would do that with the help of NodeRED. It’s nice and clear and easy to use for beginners. In NodeRED you could pause the playback of the radio with the “call service” command, then generate a voice output via the Google Mini using this extension and then restart the radio playback via “call service” …

Thank you @VolkerKa.

I will look into NodeRED and the service you suggested.

Much appreciated.

I believe that would be quite straight forward with an IFTT webhook as trigger for automations/scripts as well if Node doesn’t suit you.