Make groups in GUI

Would be great to handle groups in GUI. There should be an option “Groups” in Configuration (around Scenes, Scripts etc.). Here entities can be added or can be seen which entities are under a giben group. Also add other settings to the group (like icon)
Also editing an entity under “Entities” should show the groups (in Related like as Integration, Device, Area) and be able do add/remove with a checkbox or +/- sign), or create a group to add in.
It should help to check which enrtity is in which group or a group contained entities. Also helps in case I have to add an entity or change e.g. the entity ID.

Agreed 100%

My Home Assistant configuration relies heavily on groups.

As it is now:
Whenever I add or remove a device, I end up having to SSH into the relevant server, edit the files, verify the YAML, then reload the groups. This should be part of the UI like it is with Scenes, but I do realize the wildcard nature of a groups contents could present a challenge.

As it would work:
There would be a subcategory under Integrations where one can perform the following actions:

  • Create a new group
  • Rename an existing group
  • Edit an existing group
    • Add entities to a group
    • Remove entities from a group
    • Reorder items in a group, both manually and via a sort function.
    • Note, this would allow a group to be added to a group. EG: group “Kitchen” could be added to group “Main Floor”. This functionality works in groups.yaml currently and should not be broken.
  • Delete a group

I run Home Assistant Core and am happy to test, or help in any other way I can.


Agreed 100%!!!
Any news on this?
Thanks !

A basic feature that is still missing.

+1 Its one of the few big holes left in HA. Groups are a super useful feature, but have to be done with YAML today. Its a hinderance to new users and can be a turn off for others migrating from other platforms.

Cannot emphasize this more, most problematic IMHO is grouping lights and changing switches to lights and adding them to a light group. Would be super useful and sure attracts more users to HA.

Edit: just checking pull requests and there is one in the pipe Allow setting up groups from the UI by bdraco · Pull Request #58064 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Created a blueprint that should hold us over until a proper UI is added. Please take a look and let me know how it works!

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