Make supervisor updates plannable

For sometime now i have been annoyed by the fact that supervisor updates are pushed and cant be set to manual install.

I have a few systems build in HA that must be 100% reliable all the time. When a supervisor update is pushed HA reboots. when this happens these systems i built stop working for a few minutes. after which things like my central heating crash.

I dont want updates to be pushed automatically! not now not ever. The whole point of ha being local and open is to have full control. With these updates pushed without notice or any way of configuring when they happen this is a big pain for me.

Please make auto updates of supervisor an option and let people decide for themselves when they want to update!

You can already do this via the CLI.

I don’t use the Supervisor so I don’t remember the command off the top of my head but it has been posted a few times on the forums.

A search should find it for you.

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I didn’t know so I went and found it. ha supervisor options --auto-update=false

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I dont want to mess around in the cli. i just want it to stop updating on its own. atleast there should be an option in which you can plan the updates. so i can choose to for example let them update 3 am. At that point i can temporarily shut down the system, let the update start and boot the central heating backup without the boiler turning on the pump while all the valves are closed.

FOr example the OTGW integration and the otgw hub connected to my boiler needs to receive a message every minute or it will stop controlling the boiler. at that point the thermostat will take over and starts the boiler and pump. when this happens when all radiator valves are closed the boiler will fall into error and stops. When home assistant reboots because of a supervisor update it will take longer then a minute and so the thermostat will kick in for a short while. I just dont want home assistant to update and reboot unanounced… it has far going consequences and this needs to be fixed in the UI.

I do want to stay up to date but i do not want HA to decide when it updates and reboots.

I really wonder why it was ever designed this way…

Everyone using home assistant knows what a pain it is to run HA on a VM server on a windows machine that for no reason updates and reboots when microsoft feels like it. And then in ha we get the same problems. Updating unannounced stopping the whole system…

Not even to mention that if you have for triggers or delays running at the point HA reboots all automations will be canceled. This is just unacceptable!

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It took me 2 minutes to run this command from a chair lift while skiing using the ssh add-on. Apparently I will be notified via the gui like all the other updates if there’s an available supervisor update to apply. Time will tell.

This is never going to happen.

this is considered an advanced option and the HA devs don’t want to make it easy for the “target audience” (non-tech savvy users) to make any advanced changes like this.

This trend can be seen by many of the advanced configuration/information screens continuously being buried deeper and deeper into sub-menu’s so they don’t get changed accidentally causing more support requests.